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For the love of Lebanese Food

Bistro was created for those who love Burj Al Hamam’s food, yet are more drawn to a more casual and contemporary environment. Here, young crowds enjoy the cosmopolitan interpretation of Lebanese dining.

Our Menu

Combining Lebanese roots with international aspirations, Bistro’s menu appeals to the culinary adventurers who appreciate innovation and creativity in every dish. From signature creative dishes to revisited Lebanese recipes, excitement is guaranteed for the senses.

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Bistro Riyadh Front

Address: Riyadh Front, Airport Road

Phone: 920008460

Bistro Hittin

Address: Hittin, Prince Turkey street

Phone: 920008460

Bistro Yasmin

Address: Yasmin Anas bin Malik Street

Phone: 920008460

Bistro Dhabab

Address: Sulaimaniya, Dhabab street

Phone: 920008460

Bistro Orouba

Address: Orouba street

Phone: 920008460

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